British Columbia


Don’t challenge British Columbia to a nature contest. We have an unfair advantage: this is where the Pacific Ocean is met by bustling city and towering forest; where soaring snow-capped mountains give way to picturesque valleys, and where lively urban life blends in beautifully with the nature that surrounds it.

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Weather Average

  • December - February
    3° / 7° C
  • March - May
    6° / 13° C
  • June - August
    13° / 21° C
  • September - November
    8° / 14° C
  • Where the skyline of glass towers reflects the beauty of the surrounding ocean and coastal mountains. Where you can swim at the beach and explore a mountain in the same day. Where the cuisine is world-class and the nightlife electrifying. Vancouver is definitely spectacular by nature.

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What to do

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